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Michigan Rock and Resin

Welcome to MI rock and resin!

I’m honored to share my love for rocks and MI with you! With your support, I have been able to expand our line into additional states! Let us know what you’d like, and we would be honored to build it to your design and color preferences!

A little about us!

We are a beach walking, stone picking and collecting family. Each beach stop turns into a very serious competition: best, largest, prettiest Petoskeys, fossils, agates, etc! (Yes, everything is a competition with us!). Over the years we had built up quite a nice collection! Sadly, no one could see nor enjoy these pretties sitting in our garage bins!

So out they came, and with a little playing around with the rocks and resin, the birth of “MI rock & resin” was born!!

Each of our stones are hand picked for its unique color, shape and beauty; each aspect imperative to its integration into the art! The rocks are chosen from local beaches in Northport, Leland and Fennville.

The rock & fossils are washed and placed into the MI shape, then individually glued prior to a clear resin coat, followed with a custom resin color representing our amazing fresh water Lake Michigan.

Each frame is made from a flat panel cupboard door that was destined for our local landfills! Each frame is “rescued” from local sources and each have unique characteristics telling their adventures prior to blooming into this amazing piece of art. These unique characteristics are not flaws, they present in the form of a perceived scratch/mark/dent and other forms; cherish them knowing your hand made art is truly one of a kind, offering years, potentially centuries of history with MI rocks & fossils that are millions of years old!

We truly appreciate your feedback and support!
Blessed in HIS love,
Karen Chapel

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